Want to join us in giving future to a child?:  


Ways you can participate: 


  • Sponsor children and/or provide support in the construction of school campuses.

  • Volunteer: Please come and join our team of volunteers and become a member/representative or leader. 

  • Organize "Education for All" awareness events/clubs/association in your community and schools*.

  • Be the Champion of "Education for All" and spread the awareness of this program among your friends, relatives, co-workers, employer and others.

  • Help this effort reach the needy children in India so that those children and their parents can be made aware of this initiative.


*If you would like to organize any awareness events please please coordinate with us….we are here to help. We encourage you to visit these campuses and have a first-hand experience, To do so, please write to us and we will arrange the visit.  


Become a member/volunteer/representative: 

Networking: Currently we are expanding our network of representatives in many states and cities across USA. We hold virtual meetings time to time. This will be a very good networking opportunity with like minded people who are service oriented. 



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Sponsor and Support

If you choose to participate financially in this life-changing mission, below are some of the ways you can join this effort. You can choose to help one child or multiple children. Participation can be on monthly basis, yearly or on a one time basis. There is a recurring payment option when you click the “Donate” button, for monthly participation. Unless otherwise specified, your contribution will be utilized to support both the Tumkur campus(boys campus) and the Doddaballapura campus (girl’s campus). You can also choose to direct your donation to any one of the other campuses. Please feel free to add any specific notes in the text box. Any surplus funds in Education or Nourishment will be used for shelter and vice versa.


Shelter a child


Helping in the construction of school campus helps provide residential facilities to many children year after year. We continue to construct state of the art school campuses with all facilities including computer labs, sport grounds, community centers, hostels, etc. Your support will help in providing a quality education in a uplifting rural residential. You can choose to support either one of our focus campuses or any other campus listed on the initiative page.


You can also choose to participate by sponsoring a classroom (about 1,600 sq. ft.) or hostel room (about 2,000 sq. ft.) or by a monthly contribution to helping in construction costs. If you need more info feel free to write to us using the form in this page.


On an average, it takes about $50 a square foot for constructing classroom or dormitory. 


Educate a child

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Among all the gifts one can give, providing an education to a child is considered the noblest. Right education can make the child independent, self sufficient, contributing member of their family and their community. This benefits the society, the nation and the world.


"The solution to the world’s problem is to give every child the right kind of education. If he cannot afford it; make it affordable. If he cannot get it; make it accessible. If he cannot go to a school; let the school go to the child."                                      ― Madhusudan


On an average, it takes $31 a month ($365 a year) to provide free education to one student.

Nourish  a child


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Many of our students receive full scholarships not only for education but to cover all living expenses. Their parents are daily wage workers or from a very low-income background. Your support for our scholarship program will enable them to study in a first-class residential school campus with hostel facilities where all their needs are provided for.



On average, it takes $635 a year ($53 a month) to provide room, board, clothing, and other necessities for those students receiving the Madiyal Narayana Bhat scholarship. Thus the total cost for education and all expenses per child per year is $1000 or $85 per month



Make the check payable to "Education for All"


Mail to:

Education for All 

P.O. Box 1148,

Cumming, GA, 30028

        Donate Online


You can pay online (secured) using Credit Card or using PayPal by clicking the below link. This will take you to secure PayPal portal. Your credit card info is not shared with us.


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       Wire Transfer


You can transfer via Zelle to


To wire money directly other ways or to set up a recurring donation through your bank, please write to us using the Contact form and we will send you the information.

We will use your contribution to one of the above areas where the immediate need is. If you have any special instructions or want to designate the funds to a specific cause, please include in the note section in the PayPal/Credit Card portal.